Housing/planning permission

Housing/planning permission? We can help.

Our Civil Litigation Solicitors are here to help and advise you on a variety of civil litigation issues, including housing/planning permissions and possession claims. We are available over a phone call, email, or in person, whatever suits you.

Residential and commercial applicants can find it challenging to apply for housing/planning permission from the local authority. At Solicitors Inn, our professional team of planning permission solicitors assures that the application meets the local planning consent and existing planning policy framework. This increases the chance of your application approval. We can assist on all property matters, including planning applications, refusals to grant planning permission, and Judicial Review (JR) of the planning decision.

Commercial Planning Permissions:

Planning and development in a particular area can be restricted, such as constructions on green belt land and constructions in conservation areas. However, local governments favour commercial planning applications that promote the National Planning Policy Framework, which SI may advise on, such as promoting fairness and equality in housing and the environment.

Solicitors Inn can assist commercial developers in obtaining planning approvals, including Section 106 agreements for the infrastructure provision to proposed developments and Section 278 agreements for public roadways serving a proposed development. Our solicitors can also help with re-applications for planning permissions.

Residential Planning Permissions:

Solicitors Inn assists with planning matters, including loft conversions, expansions, boundary wall conflicts, basement excavations, and objections of neighbours or local businesses to planning proposals.

In planning permission and refusal matters, we can engage property experts to assist you and act quickly to preserve your rights, including offering legal assistance at planning hearings and planning committee meetings. For property matters, we generally offer a CFA (Conditional Fee Agreement) or a fixed fee so that clients know exactly what they’ll be paying.

How our Civil Litigation Solicitors can help?

Our Civil Litigation Solicitors at Solicitors Inn help you to stay on track when it comes to civil litigation. Our experts represent both individuals and corporations. We offer comprehensive advice and representation on a wide range of civil and commercial litigation matters. Whatever the grounds for a dispute, our Civil Litigation lawyers understand how stressful and traumatic it can be for everyone involved.

We submit the applications along with all the required documentation and pieces of information on behalf of the client in time. We obtain updates and provide you with updates on your civil litigation matters without any delay.

How to get started?

If you need further information or want to schedule a consultation with our Housing/planning Solicitor, feel free to contact us right away. Please fill in the form below to book an initial consultation, and someone from our team will contact you as soon as possible. A member of our team is always available to answer your queries. If you prefer to contact us by phone, call us on 0203 500 8000 or email us at info@solicitorsinn.co.uk.

Why choose Solicitors’ Inn?

Our Civil Litigation Solicitors can communicate with you in your own language. We can discuss your litigation matters in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Pashto, Punjabi, Saraiki, Sindhi, Tamil, and Urdu. Talk to our Civil Litigation Lawyers today to book an appointment.

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