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Solicitor’s Inn specialise in Immigration Law, Family Law, Commercial Law, Civil Litigation, Commercial Conveyancing, Landlord and Tenant, Driving Offences and Personal Injury. Our highly-experienced team possess a proven record and are always at hand to help clients across the UK. Our client’s feedback and reviews are always in our favour due to the excellent services provided by us. Our practice combines a rich depth of experience with accessible, responsive and affordable legal services. We leave no stone unturned in our commitment to client satisfaction. We are a results oriented solicitors firm. We do not only advise you of your choices, we propose the move towards what we believe is best suited to your requirements. Our objective is to build lasting relationships with our clients by providing legal services that are high in value, rather than high in cost.

Our Services

Immigration Law

The team of Solicitor’s Inn keeps practice for a long time at the highest level of expertise. We have specialisation in multifaceted immigration-matters including their appeals up to Supreme Court and Judicial Reviews to the higher courts.

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Commercial Law

Solicitors’ Inn offer an exclusive and inclusive service for business and personal clients; cover up all corporate, company and commercial matters. We also offer a customized and private approach to conventional legal issues.

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Personal Injury

To claim compensation for a personal injury caused by an accident that was someone else’s fault, call Solicitors’ Inn Solicitors on 0203 500 8000. Immediately tell us where and how the accident taken place, possibly it was an accident at work or a traffic accident

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Family Law

Our specialist solicitors in family law have been providing support to the people just like you with Family law problems for over a long time. Having client from all over the UK all our qualified solicitors are experts in all aspects of family and divorce law

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Land Lord & Tenant

Solicitors’ Inn is a highly celebrated eviction cases covering England and Wales. We are a private law firm specialising in helping landlords evict surplus tenants, as well as recovering rent arrears. The number of properties that you own is insignificant

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Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is the particular most popular area of practice among attorneys, paralegals, legal clerks and other legal advocates. Litigators represent persons, large and small companies and other entities and strive to provide competent legal services.

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Commercial Conveyancing

Our solicitors have the experience to offer sensible advice in relation to all parts of Commercial Conveyancing. The work we handle includes: Negotiating and Granting leases, Advice concerning assignments, sub-letting, under lettings and alterations

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Driving Offences

Numerous of the more harsh driving offences can result in your licence being revoked or you could cause a serious fine or prison sentence depending on the strictness of the offence. If you are bothered about losing your licence, you should attempt our service

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