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Negotiation is the process of transferring the right to pay. A document holding an order to pay money is called a negotiable instrument if it fulfils both of the following conditions:

  • It can be delivered from one person to the other, allowing the possessor of the instrument to sue on it in his name. If the instrument is payable to a bearer, the transferee can receive it through delivery. If it is payable to a specific payee or his order, the document must be endorsed and handed to the payee.
  • It transfers legal title to the instrument to a bona fide purchaser for value, free of the transferor’s and any other former holder’s equities or title defects. So long as the buyer is unaware of any such equity or defect in the title prior to the transfer.

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Negotiable instruments involve promissory notes and bills of exchange. Negotiability is granted by statute or rules outlined by a recognised market within English law. Giving an instrument a specific name or claiming that it is negotiable does not make it a negotiable instrument.

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