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Our Commercial Law Solicitors are here to help and advise you on a variety of commercial law matters, including joint ventures, shareholder agreements, and confidentiality agreements. We are available over a phone call, email, or in person, whatever suits you.


If you’re considering forming a business joint venture, we can help you understand the commercial complexity and advise you on legal concerns so that your position is completely secured. Joint ventures can be highly successful if the parties have settled objectives, a strategy for achieving those objectives, commitment, and a detailed joint venture agreement. Our lawyers draft joint venture agreements for almost all industries. Whatever your needs are, we make sure the deal is fair and equitable by recognising everyone’s participation and ensuring you understand the agreement and what it’s supposed to accomplish.

We deal with all joint venture’s compliance challenges, including:

  • Where will the joint venture company be incorporated?
  • Is there anything the proposed joint venture business needs in terms of consent, licence, and approval?
  • To what extent may shareholders of a joint venture compete with the joint venture company?
  • Is there a tax on assets transferred to or obtained by a joint venture? How will the profit from the joint venture be extracted? Tax issues can be complex, as they frequently involve personal tax, corporate tax, capital gains tax, and stamp duty considerations.
  • Will the joint venture company hire staff members? Will there be a need to consult with employees under TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment)?
  • Have consents been obtained? Who will control the data if the joint venture includes data exchange?

How our Commercial Law Solicitors can help?

Our Commercial Law Solicitors at Solicitors INN have an in-depth knowledge of commercial law. Whether you have a new small business or a well-established organization, we offer customized legal solutions to your challenges. We provide comprehensive advice and representation on a wide range of commercial trading and business arrangements, including buying/selling a business, commercial contracts, liabilities, and joint ventures.

Joint venture agreements usually include the objectives, the structure of the joint venture, the financial contributions of each party, ownership of IP (Intellectual Property) formed by the joint venture, the liabilities sharing, control and management, profits/losses, the disputes handling, and exit terms. Our agreements also include issues specific to your situation, such as details on competition regulations, royalties, and so on.

The most appropriate structure for any joint venture agreement depends on the parties, their respective goals, and responsibilities. The most common joint venture structures include:

  • Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • Collaboration Agreement

Joint venture’s Intellectual Property aspects:

Intellectual property (IP) ownership may become a cause of conflict. To avoid disagreements, state your position at the onset of the joint venture. Many IP joint ventures are established to generate or develop software. As part of the collaboration, you must set clear terms about what occurs to existing intellectual property and software applications shared with the joint venture. Following that, it’s necessary to think about who will own the technology, new software, and intellectual property generated by the joint venture.

Joint venture exit terms:

In any joint venture agreement, the exit strategy is a critical factor. In practise, the joint venture’s scope and the share capital overlap, so specifics on how the joint venture will exit and how the parties will be compensated must be reflected in the articles, joint venture agreement, and shareholder agreement.

We submit the applications along with all the required documentation and pieces of information on behalf of the client in time. We obtain updates and provide you with updates on your Commercial Law matters without any delay.

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