Driving Offences

Numerous harsh driving offences can result in your driving licence being revoked or you could be issued with a serious fine or prison sentence depending on the strictness of the offence. If you are bothered about losing your licence, you should attempt our service – we provide you legal advice and defence if you are facing a prosecution over a driving offence. We can even offer you with a monthly profit if you are banned from driving.

Over Speeding

Driving faster than the speed limit is likely to result in a speeding fine of £100 as well as a fixed penalty notice. Though, the fine for this can differ, for instance, if you go over the speed limit by 30mph or more, you are to be expected to face considerably tougher penalties. Depending on your offence, you may be capable to keep away from your penalty points and fine by captivating a speed consciousness course.

Drunk Driving

A driver will be alleged with drunk driving if they are trapped behind the wheel or established in charge of a vehicle with a large amount of alcohol in their system. Note that drink driving offences consist of more than just driving under the pressure – you could be accused of a drink driving offence if you are sitting in the car with the keys, or if you decline to acquire a breath test when asked to do so by the police.

Careless Driving

Not driving carefully can be regarded as either driving without due care and awareness or driving without sensible consideration for other road users. You can be charged with careless driving without causing an accident or injury, but you are likely to face a more serious charge if you do. The graver offences, such as causing death by careless driving, can outcome in a ban from driving and an extended prison sentence.

Dangerous Driving

Dangerous driving is commonly defined as the kind of driving that any capable driver would be familiar with as reckless and dangerous. It can also comprise driving a vehicle that is in a dangerous condition, even if the person after the wheel was driving in a safe way.

Mobile Phones

Utilizing a mobile phone can be very disturbing whilst driving, which is why it is illegal to assemble or answer a phone call behind the wheel, if not you are by means of a hands-free device. However, you can be charged with a mobile phone offence if you do anything with your phone while the engine is loping, even if the vehicle is motionless.

Road Rage

Road rage is not an exact offence under UK Law, so it fluctuates from other road traffic offences in that it is improbable to result in penalty points or a ineligibility from driving. Though, this will depend on the way in which road rage is uttered – if road rage sourced a road user to attack another, they could face an assault charge.

Notice of Intended Prosecution

If the police think that they have trapped you executing a road traffic offence, they must give you a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP).

Under Section 1 of the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988, you must be informed via an NIP that you may be put on trial for any of the following offences:

Dangerous driving

  • Careless and inconsiderate driving
  • Leaving a vehicle in a dangerous place
  • Dangerous cycling
  • Careless and inconsiderate cycling
  • Failing to conform with the indication of a police officer when directing traffic
  • Failing to comply with a traffic sign
  • Exceeding temporary speed restrictions imposed by section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984
  • Exceeding speed restrictions on a special road
  • Exceeding temporary speed limit imposed by order
  • Speeding offences generally
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