Criminal Defence

The complete criminal defence service- we provide police station advice, attendance & representation and we are available 24/7. We support, guide and represent you throughout the entire criminal defence litigation process from police station through to court. We deal with all offences and we can assist you by guiding you through the entire police investigation process. In addition to police station representation service, we also provide services for drafting defences and witness statements, as well as advocacy at Magistrates Court, Crown Court and beyond as required.


  • Theft & Related Offences
  • Offences Against the Person
  • Sexual Offences
  • Public Order Offences
  • Fraud Related Offences
  • Criminal Damage
  • Motoring/Driving Offences
  • Drugs Related Offences
  • Offensive Weapons
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Bail & Remand
  • & Many More!


Police Station Representation

Whether you have been arrested or whether you are invited to attend a voluntary interview, we will represent you at your police interview- we will ensure that your interview is PACE compliant, we will advise you on the process of the interview and we will review the allegation and the evidence against you in light of the disclosure provided by the police. We are available 24/7 to assist you in representing you at police stations.

Investigative Support

Whether you are released on bail or otherwise released under investigation, we will support you and guide you throughout the police investigation. We will liaise with the police to ensure that a fair investigation takes place, and that you are regularly updated on the progress of the investigation.

Court Representation

The English Justice System functions on a principle called, the right to a fair trial (or hearing), and therefore you will be entitled to defend yourself in a court of all against the charges made against you. A person against whom an allegation is made is a suspect, but once s/he is charged with an offence s/he becomes an accused person and thus a defendant against the charges made against him or her. We can defend you in court by representing you at you trial hearing.

All sentences have been prescribed in law for the relevant offence to which they apply and all courts must comply with the Sentencing Guidelines. We can make representations in court on your behalf to seek the most lenient and lowest sentence possible in your circumstances in the event that you are convicted.


NOTE: Please note that we do not provide services on legal aid basis and therefore you will have to be personally responsible for our fees, note that you may be eligible for legal aid and therefore we recommend that you avail to facilities of free criminal defence; nevertheless we are always available to serve in your criminal defence cause.

Our fees will be tailored in accordance with your individual circumstances, please discuss with us to obtain your specific fee quotation. However, our individual rates for services per defendant are as follows (note that these are indicative guidelines only)-

Consultation with Criminal Defence Specialist- £300.00

Police Station Representation- £500.00 + VAT

General Instructions in your case including advice, liaising with the police and investigative support- £1500 + VAT

Magistrates Court Trial Hearing- £2,500.00 + VAT

Crown Court Trial Hearing- £5,000 + VAT for up to 3 days.

Crown Court Trial Hearings- £7,000 + VAT for up to 5 days.

Crown Court Trial Hearings- £10,000-£20,000 + VAT for trials above 5 days depending on number of days of trial and the complexity of the matter.

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